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  • Wireless IP Video Doorbell Intercom System, WiFi 7 Inch Monitor with Metal HD Door Camera (Wired Power), Video Intercom with 32G Card Record, APP Remote 2-Way Audio, Unlock for Home Security System
  • Monitor optional: [ 1PCS ] [ 2PCS ] [ 3PCS ]
    • 【Wireless WiFi Video Doorbell System】Connect the doorbell camera to the monitor with RVV4 cable or Ethernet cabler(up to 300 ft), the monitor is support 2.4G WIFI network, you can add the monitor to your phone's Tuya APP. when the visitor presses the doorbell, your smartphone will receive the doorbell alert, you can see, hear and talk to the visitor at the door. Even unlock the door remotely from anywhere with your phone.
    • 【2-Megapixel HD Doorbell】Aluminum alloy door camera with rain cover design, IP65 waterproof, dustproof and anti-vandal, sturdy and durable. Build-in speakers and microphone for two-way audio, support adjustable volume level. 6-LED Automatic switching for night vision, 120º wide view angle, clearly observe visitors day and night. It can connect all 12V electronic locks. Indoor monitor powered, no batteries required.
    • 【7 inch TFT Touch Wifi Monitor】 Menu styles touch-key monitor with 32G micro SD card, Support wireless 2.4G Wi-Fi connect, Tuya APP, remote communication, unlock, multi-language, hand-free intercom, active surveillance, Ringtone, Time, Volume select. When visitor rang the doorbell or triggered motion detection, video doorbell will records in the micro SD card (smart loop storage) and notification will be sent to your mobile phone.
    • 【Easy to Install & Real-Time video】We have innovatively designed this doorbell system to fit every home, villa. Doorbell direct wired to the indoor monitor, Add the monitor to your phone Tuya App for use with your home 2.4G WiFi network. Someone press the doorbell, indoor monitor or Tuya APP will activating, you can talking with the visitor, then you just press the Unlock key on indoor monitor or your phone to open the door.
    • 【Multiple Devices Communication】This video intercom system can be connected with 4-monitor and 2-doorbell(wired connection), Dual-way communication between indoor monitor and outdoor camera, can be communication with phone APP "Tuya", can be set up 1 main account and 5 shared users, you can talk to visitors or couriers at any time. The Wifi video doorbell works with RVV4 wire (ASIN: B07PJRHPQ2), Power Supply Control (ASIN: B06XRVMGDN), Electronic Locks (ASIN: B01GFTP3LK, B08CKDJ67T, B08CSJ3JC1)
HD doorbell
Monitor answer
answer from anywhere

WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell System

Two way Audio

wired doorbell

Answer the Door in Your Hands

When visitor press the doorbell, your phone will receive the " Tuya " APP notification, you can see and hear and speak with anyone who at your door. Even unlock remotely via your mobile phone in anywhere.

You can talk to visitors by phone, or respond with pre-recorded quick reply messages when you are busy.

Two-way Audio and Real-Time Talk

You can live view the front door, speak directly to anyone who approaches your gate via two-way audio, warn strangers get away. Open the gate, tell your couriers to put the packages in the yard.

When visitor rang the doorbell or triggered motion detection, will records in the monitor's SD card (smart loop storage) . Played back directly on the monitor.

Network, Power, Distance is No Problem

The indoor monitor and doorbell is Wired. You can extend longer distance about 300ft distance.

Indoor monitor powered, indoor monitor networking, don't worry about battery life or network signal poor.

After installing this doorbell system, you don't always need to go fence gate or downstairs to open the door.


Aluminum alloy door camera

motion detection

wifi monitor

See Who is Visiting

1080P HD door camera built-in speaker and microphone, support adjustable volume level. anti-oxidation aluminium alloy panel, IP65 waterproof, dustproof and Anti-vandal designed to stand the rain, sun, heat or chill.

120º wide view angle, Equipped with intelligent IR sensor can automatically switch the night vision mode as the ambient light level, clearly observe visitors day and night.

Automatic Recording & Smart Motion Detection

When visitor press the doorbell or triggered motion detection, the doorbell camera will automatically record videos or snapshots and save them on the monitor's micro SD card, You can checking for suspicious activity at any time without open the door.

You also can adjust detection sensitivity as Low-Medium-High or close motion detect in monitor.

Wifi Monitor with 32G Micro SD Card

7 inch Menu styles touch-key monitor with 32G micro SD card, support wireless 2.4G Wi-Fi connect, Tuya APP, remote communication, remote unlock.

Dual-way communication between indoor monitor and outdoor camera. Communication with phone "Tuya" APP , can be set up 5 shared users.

Wi-Fi only connects to 2.4GHz networks.

356505 video doorbell system

WiFi Smart Video Doorbell intercom system, TUYA APP snapshot/remote intercom/ remote monitor, even remote unlock

Indoor Monitor:
  • Screen: 7 inch TFT-LCD touch screen
  • Resolution: 1024 x 680
  • Ring: 7-chord melody rings
  • Volume,color: Adjustable
  • Connection way: 4-wires/WIFI tuya solution
  • Panel Material: Acrylic/ABS cover
  • Installation: Surface mounting
  • Input voltage:AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Working voltage:DC 14.5V, 1.0A
  • Size: 7.9×5.1×0.9 inch / 200x130x23 mm
Outdoor doorbell:
  • Horizontal resolution: 2MP 1080P
  • Image sensor:Colorful CMOS sensor
  • Sensor Size:1/4,Visual angle:120 degrees
  • IR Led: 6pcs, auto on/off
  • Panel Material: Aluminum Alloy/Acrylic
  • Installation: Surface mounting
  • Simple 4 - wire connection
  • Power: from indoor monitor
  • Work with all 12V electronic locks
  • Size: 4.9x2.2x2 inch / 125x56x51 mm

Packing includes:

  • 1 x Outdoor camera
  • 1 x Indoor monitor
  • 1 x Power supply
  • 1 x 32G Micro SD card
  • 2 x 4-core short wire
  • 1 x 3-core short wire
  • 1 x Bag screws
  • 1 x User manual

About Wireless Connetion:

Please note the wifi video intercom system not mean it's don't need any cable. The monitor support WIFI network,but the indoor monitor and doorbell is Wired. Video work stable. we will provide the wiring terminal for you connect the extension wires.

The doorbell and camera can be extended with RVV4/Cat5/Cat6/RG59 wire, Network cables. The maximum distance can exceed 300ft.

The monitor support WiFi network(only connect with 2.4GHZ router band), easily setup video doorbell by connecting to wifi via the Tuya app.

If Tuya APP notifications are not received, please check whether the notification permission on your mobile phone and the software are turned on.

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