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  • 150FT 22 AWG Gauge Wire/Cable RVV 4 Conductor Bare Copper for Video Intercom Cable/Video Door Phone Wire/Alarm Security Burglar Cable Wire, Extensionext Cord/Line,Black Outer Jacket
    • Apply to video door phone inctercom system, security CCTV,Alarm cable, access control kit, building intercom system, installations extension cord / lines.
    • 0.3mm²/22 AWG 4 conductors high grade copper,wire cable extend RVV 4 wire,support customize different length
    • Each conductor has an individual, color jacket enclosed within the outer black jacket
    • Cable has copper cores and a durable, flexible PVC outer insulation making it ideal for any weak current installations
    • Voltage drop should be taken into consideration before installing to ensure suitability particularly you are going over a long distance or high current, avoid overload danger.

This wire features 4 conductors made of high grade copper.Each conductor is jacketed with color-coded PVC for easy polarity identification, The entire cable assembly is jacketed in Black.
Cable has copper cores and a durable,flexible PVC outer insulation making it ideal for any low voltage installations.

Apply to video door phone system extension lines, security monitoring, alarm system, building intercom system extension cord, Access control panels.


  • No. of Cores: 4
  • Conductor Area CSA (per strand): 0.3mm² / 22 AWG
  • Structure of conductor (No./mm): 16/0.15
  • Core Colours: Red/Black/Green/Yellow
  • Conductor Material: Bare copper (high grade)
  • PVC Jacket Colour: Black

1 x 150ft copper wire

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